Julya Billhymer has been in the field of criminal law for 36 years. Starting out as a police officer, where she was, among other things, a crime scene detective, and patrol sergeant, till today where she daily reps people, like you, in state and federal courts.

If you are reading this, you do your homework….so did Julya, hire her for your case and go to bed with peace of mind.  Peace of mind knowing you have hired the right advocate for your team, a badass who will help guide you through the shit-show that is our present day, criminal justice system.

Call 817-927-0199 today to set up a FREE 30 minute consultation or text to 817-723-5373.  Julya returns her own calls and texts, no interns or clerks as in-betweens.  You pay hard earned money for her time…and you will get a lot of it!

So, call today!  (even if it is to just razz her about the rockin’ 80s mullet, in the pic above)